Thursday, 04 March 2010

Strange worlds, never ending journey

Though this blog was meant to be about my family's travels down the isles of the Caribbean, I lost the steam halfway and never completed the tale. I look at pictures and wonder about the people I met, what they are now doing. I was lucky enough to go sailing again in Trinidad, Grenada and the Grenadines around Christmas and New Year 2010. I met some of the people I have been wondering about. They are all fine and continuing with the business of living. How absolutely wonderful.
I was back in that familiar world, where I am perpetually a stranger looking from the sea onto the land and yet when I arrive on the land, I am content to be looking out at the sea. Grenada was as always amazing. We were welcome with huge smiles and hugs and everyone missed Ingrid. She made quite an impression on the islanders-they all sent their regards to her.
Trini was as it always is though the pomp of the petro dollar had faded with the dwindling money stocks in the world. But they were not fazed, the Trinis. At Christmas, they were preparing for the February Carnival. That's advanced planning!
The people of the grenadines were recovering from New Year's parties.