Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Visa nightmares

Oh poor us with passports that no one seem to respect. Good thing I love my country, I at least can appreciate the irony of being refused entry in a country where you have no desire to live.
Dear dear Ingrid was subject to the most bizarre visa story. A saga developed as soon as we were told she needed a visa. It became even stranger when I tried to excricate an explaination for this refusal since I also possessed a South African passport. Oh, it's because you have an American visa in yours, I was summarily told. Now don't ask me to explain illogical ideas but safe to say that I failed to understand how my having a visa to a different country and thus getting entry into another one had any relation. I thought that was only reserved for the EU and the Commonwealth! We were turned back with stern warnings that Ingrid cannot go on land unaccompanied. A migration officer would be provided, at full charge of course, to escort her around. Her own private bodyguard in state uniform who has nothing to do all day but accompany an African woman as she looks at paintings, visits music stores and cafés. mh, this was deemed to be interesting.

I am still around

I am jotting notes from this travel though I am nowhere close to finishing the travelogue for the voyage down island.
Bear with me and many notes will come your way.
ciao bella