Thursday, 20 December 2007

Destination Capital City

Lighthouse at Nassau Harbour
Nassau harbour with Paradise Island in the background
After being battered for 5 days by the wind, we decided to take our chances and leave for Nassau even though wind direction was not optimal. We crossed the tongue of the ocean (has some of the deepest spots in the world) on moderate seas and good wind speed. By early evening we were docked up in Nassau after following some dubious radio instructions. We plan to stay here for a week or so and then head out to the Exumas where we have a rendezvous with Alex and Raffi in two weeks.

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Blackgirl On Mars said...

Welcome back! I am so jealous of the sun and the water! Denmark is just as gorgeous right about now I'll have you know--NOT!!!
Great to see you all and read about your adventures at sea!
Love to you all,
the lab