Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Chain gang

Oh, how we miss the chain mistress. She's gone to see Fidel and then will be back to the Table Mountain. Cheers to you, resident artist.


Afrodite said...

Ooh, the chain gang look so sexy, like Charlie's Angels. Shall we call you Mads' Angels? :)

Ahh, the sea is so gorgeous, so turquoise.

P.S. I can't open the two clips - is it video clips? Maybe it's my antiquated computer.

Eva said...

hello afrodite, it should just open when you come to the page, and then you click on play. if you are using an antiquated computer, that could be the prob. Hope you figure it out!
xo eva

Afrodite said...

Thanks Eva, I finally managed to open the clips on a younger PC :) So lovely!

Hey Pam, where on earth are you guys now? you've been quiet for a while.
much love;

alex & raffi said...

Mach 23, Happy Birthday to Pam.
Enjoy it, it's freezing here in paris.
Big Kiss and we'll save the cake for when you're back.
alex & raffi