Sunday, 04 November 2007

Axioms, Rules of rules, oh Lord

Prevailing customs aside, the southern USA is replete with rules, they risk drowning in their mire of values of accepted versus unbecoming behaviour. The pools seem to be the vain forum for these to be blatantly displayed in all manner and colours if possible. Someone pointed out that the nation is so vast and made up of different ethnic groups that only austere, distilled and perspicous rules can hold its peoples together. In the lift of one of the many coastal hotels, a poster in créche yellow announces "PROFANITY BY ADULTS OR TEENAGERS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE". Go figure Charlie! Perhaps I should ask my five year old daughter to utter profanities on my behalf. I wonder if her curses will be unacceptable.

Virtually all swimming pools have something againt horseplay; an expression I had not heard in such a long time that I was hard pressed to remember its meaning. The seems to be a vehemence towards boisterous play, I wonder what sort of play is acceptable.

And the best must be the one about along the lines of asking your doctor before going into the spa if you are under the influence of drugs or consuming alcohol". Mh, Doc can I have something to stiffen my nerves before I go into that jacuzzi?

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