Sunday, 04 November 2007

Life in the simple lane

Mads & Jørgen

Sometimes life seems to present too many challenges, so it is easier to take the simpler road. I have heard of a fellow who used to have his boat moored in the between the islands of San Carlos and Estero in west Florida and his supposed antics(only to some peoplethough) in trying to achieve simplicity. He used to row his dinghy to his boat and on arriving at the boat would winch it up and perch ít on the deck, sit in it and read his book all day long. So much trouble for a simple activity. Perhaps he liked reading his books in the comfort of his dinghy.

Mads and Jørgen are enjoying the simple things in life too. Perhaps it was too far to climb up the transom stairs to the deck. Maybe the beer tasted better i´n the dinghy.

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